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Hi There!
It's me, Allison Stephens, the founder and CEO of RedSiren Web Marketing.

If you wanted to know who I was in a nutshell, I'd probably be best described as a feisty, fun-loving, boisterous ginger.
I love humour and connecting with awesome people.
I consider myself a lifelong learner. That is, I love to learn, explore and understand new concepts that blow my mind and make me take a step back and say, "woah."

I live in a rural community in Nova Scotia, Canada, with my husband, Mike, and two daughters.

I have always been considered an “artsy-fartsy” type person. I love singing and creating art. I appreciate art in all forms and understand the heart and soul that goes into creating each piece.
I graduated with my broadcast journalism under grad and worked in television production for 10 years in various positions. I started by pulling cables for a local news station, worked in an art department building stop-animation sets, and then somehow ended up as a master control operator. 

After having our youngest daughter, I decided to leave the television industry and become a stay at home mom. 

Well, that wasn’t for me either. 

About a year into being “just a mom” I started blogging and that led me to marketing my own blog on the internet. 
Now I use that knowledge to help local businesses market themselves online. 

If you are looking to boost your web presence, give me a shout!