Why Keeping Local is Important to Us

Why Keeping Local is Important to Us

Support Local

I commuted to work almost an hour each way every day for almost ten years when I held my previous job. For ten years I felt disconnected from my immediate community.

We knew we would always live in Hants County, but all the while I worked in HRM, I didn’t really know what was happening immediately around our home. I was busy. I didn’t pay much attention to the community events as they almost always happened during one of my evening or weekend shifts. 

After leaving my corporate job to stay home and raise our kids, I felt the need to make new local connections. I was surprised at how much the town and area I grew up in had started to change. 

The “support local” movement is nothing new. There has been a massive resurgence in buying local products and supporting our local producers, farmers and makers. 

What was different for me was my desire to really know the people behind new businesses and community ventures. Where did they come from? What did their business really provide for our town besides their products? 

It’s amazing when you actually start looking deeper into business profiles and when you see their passion and history behind their “why” for existing. So many new businesses in Hants County benefit more than just the business owner and their everyday customers. 

  • For instance, we have food establishments that allow small business and community meetings.
  • We have several businesses who continually raise funds for charities and contribute to other fundraising efforts that are near and dear to their hearts.
  • We have a non-profit that is open at almost all hours to provide an artistic space for people to come and create almost anything they want.
  • We have a brand spanking new Farmer’s Market that gives local makers, farmers and food vendors a chance to meet new clientele and grow their customer base.
  • We have new fitness groups and holistic care centres that focus on our entire well-being. 
  • We have a music school that focuses on teaching kids (and adults) what they really want and not what is expected.
  • If your guitar breaks, take it to the new guitar and bike shop – yes, it’s a mix of both!

All of these things provide an immeasurable service to our community and connect people together. Without those who spearhead these efforts, where would Hants County be? 

Really, it wouldn’t be a community at all, would it?

If you are thinking to yourself, “Well, I have never heard of half of these things.” This is where I come in. 

The purpose of RedSiren Web Marketing is to highlight local businesses and community projects through the internet. (I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone viewing this post.) 

The majority of people see more advertisements on social media and during their web searches than on television, published papers or signs. This is the way the world has shifted and why it is more important than ever that small businesses target their advertisements in the most effective way. 

If a business is throwing its money at traditional media or ad paths, but their target audience is more likely to see their ads on Instagram – that is money thrown out the window.

What made me want to help local businesses the most was the gaps that I saw in a lot of their social media marketing. If I could give all local businesses some free tips about their social media feeds it would be these:

  • post relevant content to your business
  • make it visually appealing
  • post often
  • choose words that trigger a response in your viewers
  • boost your posts

Here’s the thing – a lot of local and small businesses don’t have the time to manage this content. They are so busy running a storefront, balancing the financials, ordering supplies etc. that their social media content is a second, third or sixteenth thought. The problem this creates is the businesses are missing crucial marketing opportunities. 

If you want to learn more about these things, you should check out RedSiren Web Marketing’s Facebook Live Stream that will be happening on Thursday, September 27th at 630pm. I will be fielding questions from viewers and talking about these points. 

Follow this link (click here) to the event page on Facebook so you get the notifications of when the event is starting.

Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into why keeping local is important to RedSiren Web Marketing. After all, don’t you want to know more about what is happening in your community and how you can support local yourself? I sure do!

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