& Leadership Coaching

Are you confident in your leadership abilities?

Do you find yourself saying NO, when you should be saying YES?
Are you holding yourself back from developing and experiencing your full potential?

These Self-Confidence and Leadership coaching sessions are all about transforming your mentality from a place of doubt to a place of assurance.
It's time to trust in your capabilities and realize your value.

There are two options for these sessions.


These individualized coaching sessions are focused on your personal goals and business needs.

Having a specific action plan for your transformation is going to give you the most value and help you make the decisions that will elevate your leadership and decision making abilities.

The ONE-on-ONE sessions usually last two to three hours and you will leave with a sense of determination and also concrete ways to help you and your business move forward with confidence.

Small Group

Hosting Small Groups (6-12 people) is an option for you if the ONE-on-ONE session sounds like a great idea, but you also enjoy the conversation and creative flow that comes from brainstorming in a small group.

The Small Group option is accessible for everyone, allows you to network and ping ideas off others and will leave you energized and ready to make confident moves for yourself or your business!

If self-hosting is unavailable to you, RedSiren periodically offers in-house sessions as well.